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Labyrinth Minocs

Labyrinth Minocs

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Minoc Lore

The strong Minocs of the Order of the Labyrinth are the descendants of Tesevros the Wise, Herald of Ghaomir, the first Minoc who abandoned the path of chaos.
After the conquest of Aera by Tialevor, the clan of Tesevros fled to Rotvar and settled in the port village of Anphitria with the sacred task of collecting and protect carved tablets and ancient scrolls which contains the teaching of the Dragon-God.
Upon building their temple, they took charge of defending the port village thanks to their physical prowess and wisdom. Today, Anphitria is known as one of the most important trade routes of Rotvar, a magnificent city-state full of culture and elegance, governed by a senate made by the grandmasters of all the orders that have made a real contribution to the development of the city.
Nowadays the Minocs, in honour of their temple, a gigantic labyrinth built over time, are known as The Order of the Labyrinth. Young Minocs who wish to join the order have to cut off the tail as a renunciation of their savage nature; wounded and unarmed, they have to accomplish the pilgrimage in the labyrinth by finding the sacred table of Divine Knowledge and be judged by the Divine Bull Knossus in his secret room.
Only few Minocs survive the process, which makes for wise, strong and unstoppable warriors feared among the forces of chaos and tyranny.


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